Take a first step…you don’t need to meet the gold standard…at least not yet!

You should be exercising several times a week.

You should only be eating healthy foods.

You should lose weight.

You should be taking high-quality supplements.

You should have a more positive mindset.

You should be functioning optimally.

You really should be enjoying life more.

Shouldn’t you?

After a couple of recent conversations with practice members I was reminded of an idea regarding health that I had heard a while back on a podcast. The concept was “progress, not perfection." Our culture leads us into this often-destructive habit of comparing ourselves to others. We usually walk away from the internal conversation feeling worse about ourselves than when we walked in and then rationalizing our current actions or inactions.

I think it's important to hold up the ideal of “gold standards” in health. Without such a thing we don’t really have a way to gauge where we are and where we should be headed. While it's important to establish a “gold standard”, it doesn’t mean you should be there tomorrow, or next week, or even next month. It’s about taking that initial step.



If you haven’t seen the inside of a gym (or exercised period) in years, it would be unrealistic, and most likely unhealthy, to ask you to start working out five days a week. If your diet mainly consists of processed carbohydrates, asking you to drop all of those in place of a largely “paleo”-based diet would not be sustainable. This concept is why most research shows that only 1-5% of people (depending on the article you choose) actually find long-term success on diets…they aren’t sustainable.


At Acru Health, we are all about making small changes in your health. These investments compound over time and create long-term success, measured in sustainability and improvement in function.


Our bodies have requirements for health that encompass (but are not limited to) proper movement, good nutrition, positive mental/emotional states, and a strong brain/body connection. Each person finds one or two of the aforementioned requirements easier to meet while others are an absolute struggle. The key to creating success in this journey of health is to start by taking a step and implementing a small change.


If you never exercise, start with one or two days a week of walking or other mild activity until that becomes part of your routine.


If your digestive tract hasn’t experienced fresh fruits and vegetables in some time, start by getting one serving of each per day.


If you haven’t had your spine and nervous system checked for interference then make an appointment with your local corrective care chiropractor (if you are in the San Diego area come check us out) to make sure the system that controls all other systems in your body is functioning at its highest level possible.


Take a first step…you don’t need to meet the gold standard…at least not yet.


The Acru Health Team