What Are YOU Thankful For? #HEALTH

The love of another? A new career? A roof over your head? This is the time of year Americans gather around the table with friends and family and often share what they are most thankful for... so what wins out for you? This tradition of appreciation and gratitude is one of my favorites, but we often forget one of the most important things to be thankful for. This overlooked attribute is responsible for allowing us to appreciate the other great things in our life. This keystone to happiness is none other than the elusive and often misunderstood idea of health. Health allows us to enjoy the great gifts that life has to offer. Unfortunately, we never truly understand the value of health until it is gone.

My grandfather subscribed to the same concept of health as most people in today’s society do, thinking that just because he didn't have any signs of sickness or disease he was by default healthy. The default state of the human body is health, but I must clarify that the lack of symptoms (signs of disease) does not mean that one is healthy. He was a strong “healthy” man, until one day he wasn't. He was diagnosed with a large brain tumor and his condition began to quickly deteriorate. They tried surgery and chemotherapy, but in the end the cancer that was growing in his body won out. Now some may see this as a case of bad luck or a tragedy, but in reality it was a case of reacting too late. You see, on average most cancers have been growing in the human body for 10 years before they become large enough to be detected. Seventy percent of all cancers are diagnosed asymptomatically, and according to the American Cancer Society only 5-10% of all cancers are genetic. This means that the majority of cancers (90-95%) are due to the lifestyle choices that we make. This is the case with the vast majority of sickness and disease in this country. If we make the mistake of judging our health on how we feel then we are taking a reactive approach. In order to produce health in the body we MUST take a proactive approach.

If health is not just a lack of symptoms or disease... what is it? Well I'm glad you asked! Health is the presence of optimal function in the body. So what controls function? Did you say the brain? If so, then you are correct. Your brain controls every function in your body with the help of the rest of your nervous system. When you have proper function in your body then you will produce a state of health, which reflects that. Many things are needed to assure that you are functioning at a near perfect level. You can eat better, move more, maintain a positive outlook, and love life a little bit more... but none of these will serve their maximal benefit without proper integration and adaption to every interaction, stress, and struggle that you encounter in your day to day life. Chiropractic allows your brain to communicate with the rest of your body, in a way that improves function and moves you one step closer to your optimal level of health. Many materials are needed to build a house, but if a proper foundation never gets set then even the best built houses will not withstand the test of time. At Acru Health we specialize in a very light force chiropractic adjustment that has been found to get maximal benefits without the standard cracking and popping of traditional chiropractic. We recognize that there is nothing wrong with traditional chiropractic, but it may not be for all people. Our mission is to improve function in your body allowing you to live your life and do the things that you love.

Health is built one choice at a time. When we start making better choices we will start having better health outcomes. My dream is for everyone to be able to say they are thankful for their health and are taking proactive measures to insure their most valuable asset. By investing in your health you are able to pursue the unique passions that give your life meaning. So lets all take steps (one foot in front of the other) to better understand what health really is. If you would like more information on health and some simples steps to increase your own, head over to our website www.AcruHealth.com and enter your email on the left side of the home page in order to receive a copy of our E-book as a gift from us to you. Lets all be thankful for our friends, family, and the health we were designed to have.