Lets take a closer look at the link between function and health. If we can agree that health is 100% function and death is 0% function, then we know many people who fall somewhere along that spectrum. Due to the fact that we are constantly changing and adapting, our location on this spectrum is not static. This is great news! This means that we are constantly able to change whether we are closer to 100% or 0% based on the daily choices we make. The interesting part of this lies here: we often do not start experiencing these secondary conditions (symptoms) until we have traveled a very long way from the 100% function of optimal health. We start to “feel” the negative effects once we slide all the way down to about 60% of optimal health and function.

This reconfirms the fact that “feel does not determine function.” We need to stop basing our health on how we feel and instead base our health on how we heal. This concept once again comes into play with the idea of cancer and heart disease. Some one who is diagnosed with cancer on a routine check-up, on average has had those cancerous cells building for 10 or more years. Someone who has an unexpected first time heart attack has had those dysfunctional cells or plaque in the coronary arteries building for many years. If you ask those people how they felt the day before those things happened, more than just a few will say that they felt fine. Feeling fine does not equal functioning fine. 

So how do we determine where we fall on that spectrum? The only answer is to get your nervous system checked. This is done in our office by utilizing a tool that gages the function of each person’s individual nervous system. This can be done through weight-bearing x-rays, surface electromyography, postural analysis, or surface thermography. Since we do all of these things, you will have an extremley in depth analysis of your nervous system. These tools give you a measurable outcome that allows you not only to see how well your body is currently working, but to track your progress as you undergo your Chiropractic care.